Property Design

For horse property design and contruction, choose The Horse Shed Shop. Our professional horse stable builders have over 2 decades of industry experience.

Professional Horse Property Construction

The Horse Shed Shop offers a property design service that helps horse owners create functional and aesthetically appealing facilities. While we specialise in small properties, we are equally able to help you with large studs and multi-use farms.

The best way to build a property that works, is easy to maintain and looks great is to have a complete plan before you start any construction. Even if not all the works will be done in one go, it still makes sense for you to plan for the overall property you want to end up with and then work towards each step and the end goal.

Having a plan can save you serious dollars. To accommodate for the fact that plans change over time and the use you have for a property in five years may be different from today, look to plan with flexibility in mind.

At The Horse Shed Shop, we have grown up on small acreage and multi-use farms, and we have spent our lives around horses (amongst other animals).


24 Years of Experience in Building Horse Property

The Horse Shed Shop is also experienced in all aspects of rural property design and development. Even when there are products and services that we don’t cover, we can recommend or put you in touch with reliable people that cover those services.

Our property design services are also flexible and priced according to how much or how little you want us to do for you. Our services range from a basic 2 hour visit to your property with some general recommendations, to the full property plan including drawings for barns and structures, as well as anything in between. Call us for a price guide or to have a chat about what you may require. Our property design services start at $495.